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www.biglots.com/survey – The international online survey panel BigLots.com/Survey allows users to earn points for completing questionnaires online and offers premium membership privileges including cash and prizes. The business is a partnership between GlobalTestMarket and Toluna. Customer product reviews have been collected by Big Lots Survey for over a decade.Big Lots Survey gives its members special access to a wealth of data that assists them in selecting items wisely, developing their relationships with companies who provide them goods and services, enhancing their marketing plans, and expanding their clientele.


www.biglots.com/survey | To Big Lots Survey – Win $1000

www.biglots.com/survey – Big Lots Survey

Big Lots poll gives its participants a chance to have an impact on the biggest companies in both the B2B and B2C industries.This short tutorial will help you comprehend the conditions and steps necessary to take part in the questionnaire. Customers will, of course, have some chance to be heard, and Big Lots will have the potential to learn some very remarkable things. The business offers everyone who participates an opportunity of receiving a $1,000 credit since your feedback is so valuable.

Rewards & Coupons

You will receive discounts and gift cards as compensation for your sincere and helpful views. You will get $300 in gift cards after finishing the survey, which you may use to shop at the Big Lots location. Additionally, you have the opportunity to sign up for giveaways, where you may win a grand prize of $1000. Along with that, you receive a large welcome bonus, a $5 reward for any three transactions, and a $10 BONUS for every $200 you spent on furniture. You may check the amount that’s left on a gift card. You may sign up for the BigLots sweepstakes periodically.

For information on finding out who wins the Big Lots contest in 2023, send a letter to this location with your name, address, and postage pre-paid: “Big Lots! Rochester, NY 14625-0466, finalists of the Customer Experience Questionnaire Contest.

www.biglots.com/survey | To Big Lots Survey – Win $1000

Rules & Regulations

  • Participants consent to taking part in any research or campaign that Big Lots Survey launches. They have the option to withdraw from such studies at any moment throughout their participation if they do not choose to. They cannot, however, ask for a refund after finishing such a programme because no details will be provided prior to participation.
  • The participant acknowledges that only the information supplied throughout the survey concerning how well she or he performed in answering queries related to the item or service offered by Big Lots Research will be shared with the firm.
  • Other aside from what is necessary to facilitate the submission of the questionnaire and provide ongoing services, it does not release participants’ personal data in other manners.
  • The participants consent to the non-disclosure of their personal information to any other business or person.
  • Respondents acknowledge that Big Lots Survey, as well as any of its partners, collaborators, representatives, or employees, have no impact whatsoever on the feedback or views they provide on the product or service supplied by Big Lots Survey.
  • The individual who participates is aware that they’re free to discontinue their participation in this programme at any point if they decide against doing so after learning more about it or engaging in it.
  • Any individual who violates Big Lots Survey’s Terms and Conditions may have their account suspended or terminated, irrespective of whether the infraction was made intentionally or unintentionally.

Requirements of Biglots Survey

  • An authentic Big Lots invoice from any store.
  • There must be a connection to the internet.
  • You will require a laptop, a smartphone, or a PC.
  • You must have a fundamental knowledge about both the English and Spanish spoken languages.
  • All participants are needed to have a working email account.

Norms of the Biglots Survey

  • Members must be citizens of the District of Columbia and the entire United States of America.
  • Members must be older than eighteen.
  • Right up to two questionnaires per receipt are available to Big Lots consumers each month.
  • The organisation has never had a member work in a Big Lots establishment.
  • Recent employees, partner firms, or their immediate families are not eligible to participate in the poll.
  • The purchase confirmation remains valid for a period of seven days to complete the survey.
  • The retailer has the right to terminate participation immediately.

How to Take Part in www.biglots.com/survey?

You may complete the Big Lots poll if you meet all the conditions. How to accomplish it is as follows:

Entering with a purchase receipt:

#1. Click the button above to access the official survey page https://survey3.medallia.com/?biglots or www.biglots.com/survey

www.biglots.com/survey | To Big Lots Survey – Win $1000

#2. On the initial screen, select English or Spanish as the preferred dialect and press the “Begin Survey” button.

#3. You’ll be asked, “Did you make a purchase?” as the initial query. Select “Yes” and then press “Next”.

www.biglots.com/survey | To Big Lots Survey – Win $1000


#4. You’ll now be asked to enter the data from the register, deal, and store amounts, so gather the Big Lots receipt.

#5. The next step is to input the visit date and moment as they appear on the order’s receipt.

#6. The survey will start when you click “Next”.

www.biglots.com/survey | To Big Lots Survey – Win $1000

#7. Fill out the Big Lots survey, which often asks about how satisfied you were with your whole purchase procedure.

#8. As honestly and openly as you can, try to respond to the answers.

Entering without a purchase receipt:

  • Some of you can continue to enter the giveaway for a chance at the gift card even if you don’t have an invoice from Big Lots. Just simply carry out the instructions below:
  • Visit biglots.com/survey.
  • You’ll have the choice of taking the poll in English or Spanish when you get there. Select your preferred option and press the “Begin Survey” key.
  • “Did you make a purchase?” is the next inquiry. respond “No” and choose “Next”.
  • Choose the Big Lots location you want to leave comments for from the choice that appears.
  • As truthfully as you are able, reply to each question.
  • Your contact details will be requested when you complete the questionnaire.

Entering through Mail/ Write-In:

  • Obtain a piece of newspaper or passport that is no less than 3.5″ x 5″ and no larger than 4.25″ x 6″ (We recommend using a postcard since it eliminates the need for a second enclosure and ensures that you will spend the least amount for postage).
  • Your entire name, birthdate, and contact information should be entered.
  • Describe your experience with the Big Lots location you went to.

About Biglots

Big Lots, an American retail behemoth, offers a broad selection of stationary items along with home goods, small gadgets, packaged meals, drinks, apparel, and furnishings. Columbus, Ohio serves as its corporate office. With a history going back over fifty years, Big Lots has roughly 1400 storage facilities spread out across the country. If you reside in the US, it will be a wonderful choice for you to visit a store with a selection of goods.It is the store where you may purchase well-known brands of products at a fair price. A significant number of folks are very familiar with Big Lots. In the store, customers are frequently amused.

As a consequence, they established a rewards programme depending on the amount of money spent at www.biglots.com/rewards questionnaire. You may enter to win prizes by completing a BigLotssurvey. They are just fantastic. To find out more about the deals offered by BigLots, go to the address that is most convenient for you.Big Lots takes great pride in operating a unique company where consumers can purchase name-brand items at competitive costs with unique offers and discounts. Due to this inexpensive function, the location is more broadly recognised and simple for customers to reach.Consumers may also participate in contests for an opportunity to win plenty of playing cards. Each clients feedback is given priority, and all comments are read. They consistently strive to improve their offerings, based to the poll.

www.biglots.com/survey | To Big Lots Survey – Win $1000

Contact Us

The BigLotsSurvey includes the following kind of inquiries:

  • Overall obviously, you must provide precise answers to all of the inquiries if you want to increase your level of happiness when you return.
  • The quality and accessibility of the stock.
  • Whether you ran across any issues throughout your stay.
  • Your general level of satisfaction.
  • Your encounter using their services.
  • Whether the staff members welcomed you and offered you the support you required.
  • You will be requested to assess your likelihood of recommending Big Lots to friends and family.

Big Lots offers survey and communication support.

If you want support or need to get a solution to an issue pertaining to a BigLots purchase, you can contact the following.

  • Call Big Lots at 1-866-244-5687, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. ET.
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8:00–20:00 ET
  • Send emails to customerservice@biglots.com.
  • In Columbus, Ohio 43081, Big Lots is situated at 4900 East the city of Dublin Granville Road.
  • The URL for the website’s home page is www.biglots.com/help/contact-us.
  • Visit biglots.com to see the legitimate big lot web page.

Include the postal address:

  • Lots of! Sweepstakes Entry for the Guest Experience Survey 625 Panoramic Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437
  • If using an actual envelope or postcard, be sure to add the proper money.
  • Send the letter or postcard, then wait for a reply.


Participants of the Big Lots client happiness survey get the chance to express their opinions. At Big Lots, client suggestions, opinions, and critiques are all given priority. The business examines your feedback to learn more deeply so that they may base future choices on it. Additionally, Big Lots in addition keeps track of your feedback but also applies it to create crucial decisions.

The Big Lots client satisfaction questionnaire is valuable since it gives the company knowledge about customer happiness, their general experience, as well as other aspects.The incentives they give for simply expressing your ideas are astounding. To enter the sweepstakes and be eligible for winning $1000 and other great prizes, simply follow the procedures described below. We hope you enjoy your future trips to Big Lots and have a lot of fun buying.

www.biglots.com/survey FAQs

  • Question:- What do the Big Lots Survey rewards in money entail?

Answer:- A fun and simple approach to learn about the products you like is to take the Big Lots survey. You may take the Big Lots Survey on your smartphone for just $3 and enter to win prizes of cash. According to their responses to the survey, the possible recipient will be selected.

  • Question:- When are the winners going to be revealed?

Answer:- Take the website for the Big Lots poll and respond to the entry questions to participate. Within two weeks, the winners will be declared. You must finish the survey between the initial 100 individuals to be eligible for the prize.

  • Question:- How old do you have to be for employment at Big Lots?

Answer:- For the majority of its sites, Big Lots enforces a 18-year-old age limitation limit. According to reports, some businesses do, however, recruit 16-year-olds for entry-level positions. Your closest site is the most convenient location to verify this.

  • Question:- When are Big Lots’s hours of operation?

Answer:- Big Lots locations open at varying times; most do so around 9 am, while some do so as much as 8 am. On the contrary hand, it appears that establishments continue to close at 9 p.m. at the same time every day.

  • Question:- Is here a cost to participate in the survey?

Answer:- There are no costs associated with participating if you mail it in.  Yet, if you choose the online option, you will need to purchase an invoice from your local Big Lots store in order to receive the entry code.

  • Question:- How can I receive my Big Lots Questionnaire Rewards?

Answer:- Respondents don’t have to take any additional action after answering the survey’s questions. They are given one entry right away after sending the form. On the day selected for the survey session, the Big Lots survey operator will at random select the winner from among all eligible entries. For the draw, being present is not necessary. Remember that awards cannot be converted into cash. They cannot be distributed to another person. If the organisation that sponsored the contest so chooses, the Sponsor maintains the ability to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Incidental expenses should be paid by the winners.

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